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Exploring new possibilities for dance in healing and rehabilitation

Illnesses and diseases affect people biologically, psychologically and socially. Therefore, we need activities, therapies and interventions that work on all these levels. In many situations dance is perfectly placed to do this. We need approaches that acknowledge and embrace the complex reality of being genuinely holistic and that utilise the creative strength and positivity people can bring to their own healing experience.

DanceAble is a collective of individuals exploring the unexplored to, pushing the boundaries of dance in health. To find out more have a look at the team, their projects. Feel free to contact individuals directly for more information on their work. If you have a related project of your own get in touch!

Who We Are

DanceAble is a collective of individuals who are making creative and inspiring work related to dance in health and wellbeing. Our particular focus is developing and supporting projects that explore areas previously unexplored, ranging from dance-based rehabilitation for people with Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in South Africa to Popping for people with Parkinsons Disease in the UK. The collective includes dancers, musicians, film makers, health professionals and medical researchers, using a diverse range of dance styles from breaking to ballet. 
involved have created their own projects from scratch, often with little or no funding. We have a diverse range of dance styles from Breaking to Hand Jive. Individual DanceAble collective members have created their own projects from scratch often with little or no funding. See the ‘Team’ page for specifics about our work and us.

London, UK

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